Yesterday = Win! Today = Lose.

After worrying about where to set the next scene, I fiddled and fretted and didn’t get down to it until somewhere around lunch time. The goal, I said to myself, was 1,000 words, and once I reached that I was allowed to have some terrible junk food and play video games.

And in a little over an hour’s time, I did it! Much happy Snoopy Dancing ensued!

But my reward was not so sweet. Sure, the popcorn was good, but the Coke Zero was a cruel joke and my three hours of Fable 2 was less fun than it should have been. I should have, I thought, played Katamari, something fun and upbeat. But I didn’t. Left me all head-achey and cranky afterwards.

Today wasn’t much better. Morning spent on errands — always a mistake — and after a series of cock-ups and annoyances I was in a pretty foul mood. This was followed up with what I thought would help my mood, yesterday’s would-be Katamari, but instead it further frustrated it. Wasn’t a good day. Still cranky. Still growling.

Tomorrow we’re getting together for our off-week writing session, which will be a great renewal. The last several days have been rather drama-filled and they are weighing me down. Then again, I need to be able to rely on myself to pull myself back, re-energize myself.

Bottom line, I’m coming to realize, is that I need to increase my output. If I manage 1,000 words a day (which only took me an hour and a bit), within 90 days I’d have something approximating a draft.

I’ve had a lot on my mind the last couple of days, some of it pressing, some of it nonsense, some of it one and the same. Much of it should be dealt with soon.

This is my last night off. Tomorrow, 1,000 words — drama be damned! (Or at least taken care of.)


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