Other Peoples Stories

Just finished getting my mind blown away by Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age. When I read Snow Crash, it was a revelation, yet The Diamond Age handedly surpassed my already high expectations. There is so much happening, so many good and interesting and deep extrapolations, not just with technology, but with culture, too. Your mind is left full for days, weeks, past what other perfectly fine books offer. I would love to take a peek at his process, see how he writes his books. So much happens, and so much world-building. I couldn’t imagine not having a book bible as big as a room, and if he does it all in his head — my god, I can’t imagine it.

But I loved reading it. I don’t know if he’s going to World Con. It would be amazing, but I can find no confirmation of this. Hope springs eternal, though.

In the meantime, I am reading The Gunslinger by Stephen King with the hopes of finishing it before World Con. This book isn’t from my to-read pile; it’s part of a cultural exchange. I’ve been begging and begging Todd to read A Game Of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. He’s loved the dark storytelling of HBO’s Deadwood and Rome and with HBO beginning work on adapting Martin’s series, I’ve been pushing him to read it. In retribution, I must at least read the beginning of King’s Dark Tower series, and so I am committed. I want to (and should be able to) finish it before World Con because I don’t want to bring any books with me. Irony? No. I am sure I will be buying books when I am there and I want to keep my baggage light. Instead I plan to put my various e-book reader programs to the test during the long ride there. I might even buy a book off of e-Reader, not just read one of the freebie SF downloads for Stanza I’ve managed to find.

Anywho. Working on the novel right now. Not happy with my default choices for where the action of the scene takes place. I know the content of the actions, the verbal fight my character will have with her mentor, but not where to put it. This is becoming a procrastination wall. Yet no shorter a wall because it is self-made.

Maybe I’ll just write the dialogue until it hits me where the hell I should have it take place. I mean, I have a back up idea, but it’s boring. I’m going through that right now, hating the book and then finding it strangely compelling. Rasifrasm.

PS: Only 8 days until World Con!


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