I Can’t Stress Enough

Promises to be an interesting couple of weeks ahead: what will either be a productive or highly entertaining Hypergraphics meeting, the results of all those damn post-cancer tests taking in the first half the year, a dentist appointment, a vet appointment that I still need to make, and then, at long last, World Con.

Precisely two weeks from now, I will be packing my bags (and re-packing, and fussing, and making my innumerable lists) for the long and winding bus trip to Montreal. I will end up having a full nine days off, with World Con lovingly snuggled right in the middle for me to work myself up into a frenzy and then have two days to cool off after my return. I hear the post-Con blues can be a mighty terrible thing but I am hoping that overall I will be more up than down when it’s all said and done and that it translates directly to my writing.

When I was trying to describe to someone at work what the purpose of the new blog was, I found myself hung up on a word. You know, when there is a specific word that you know, that you need, but for the life of you your tongue will not speak it and your brain will be reduced to a hamster wheel as you furiously churn trying to remember what it is. Normally I have at least a sound in my head associated with the word. “It’s a c-word,” I said, absolutely obsessed, groping for the word. But the word didn’t come to me until two days later, when it burst forth as I was only tangentially thinking of the blog in the first place. Accountability! That was the word.

But then I was befuddled. Why did I think it was a c-word? Was it because the first word was a vowel? Didn’t seem like it. And then it hit me — I remembered the ‘c’ sound because it is the stress syllable of the word. It’s a-COUNT-a-bil-i-ty, not A-count-a-bil-i-ty. Not that I have a ton of proof to go on. It’s just a hunch, but it rings familiar to other experiences where I couldn’t remember the word, finally figured it out, and the sound I associated with it was not the first letter of the word — unless the stress syllable was the first word. I’m going to keep tabs on that, as I forget words too damn often, and see if the rule bares out. I think it will, though I don’t know why.

Anywho, the plan is to type in the words I’ve written long hand and … that’s likely just been scrubbed because the tentative program for World Con has just been posted.


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Stress Enough

  1. Sylvie

    I know exactly what you mean about the whole “word on the tip of your tongue” thing… I actually did my BA thesis on the tip-of-tongue phenomenon, and the effects of being bilingual. Interesting stuff, let me tell you! It makes total sense that you remembered the stressed syllable more than the first sound of the word, happens to me all the time too. (And being bilingual makes it worse, we get them more often, with the right word in the other language blocking the right answer… ) Which makes me think… I now have to do a Masters thesis, and I have no idea what to do it on……… lol. 🙂

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