New Blogging Venture

Spent the evening after dinner going through my collection of saved RSS feed articles of interest. I’m supposed to be keeping up on these so that they don’t build up into hour-long chores but I’m having the same amount of success with that venture as I am with the other self-appointed tasks that I try to keep up on.

Like blogging. *cough cough cough* Anyways …

But there has been some movement in the writing. While the Sudbury Hypergraphic Society meetings continue to be helpful, a few of us felt like we wanted to meet more frequently. So we’ve started what we’re calling the Off Week Meetings, a writing-only event, and we’ve even started our own blog on WordPress, which can be found here. The entries there will be short and to the point, word count updates mostly and an opportunity to cheer each other on. We thought that this may help make us all feel more accountable to someone else besides ourselves.

And since the first meeting of the Off Week group, I’ve been writing nearly every day. Not tons, that’s for sure, but more and more regularly than I can say I have been in the last few months. Back into my regular writing-while-its-quiet-between-calls plan, which, with work as busy as it’s been lately, has not been happening. Still, progress. I am pleased.

I’m counting the days to World Con, though. Work has become a torture.


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