Note Typing a.k.a. Uninspiring Blog Post Titles

I am out and about.

First day of my weekend and I have the car. The goal this morning is to sit, sipping Chai tea latte and typing in all my notes from the manuscript build that I’ve been working on these last weeks. I have two days to get it all in and then, starting Thursday, I’m going to be getting up early to write before Todd wakes up and before the demands of they day start weighting me down.

I’ve always been a natural early bird — that is, until the Thyroid cancer. After that, and the surgery and the pills, I slept. A lot. No more early rising. I had to claw my way to consciousness almost every morning. But since the very late (hopefully not too late, though I try not to think about that much or often) radioactive iodine treatment, I’ve been up around 6:00 am more often then not. It may be psychosematic but I should take advantage of it. After reading some encouraging Tweets from other writers doing the same thing, I decided to do so.

To prepare? All the notes into the Mac before the end of tomorrow night. Not that that’s the only activity on tap. Groceries need shopping, shelf needs assembling, dog needs walking.

But right now it’s me, my tea and my notes.


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