Writing On The Sly

I sit under the hot lights and warm air of the upstairs room at the Laughing Buddha. There are 10 of us tonight, ejected from our regular hangout at La Fromagerie for the week, and we are melting as we eat our specialty pizzas and sandwiches. But good food, nice to have it mixed up from the normal cheese platter shtick. Course it’s meant a late start to the meeting, so we’re sort of spinning out wheels at the moment.

Let’s see – typed in the words for the “homework” we had assigned at the last meeting this morning. Its actually turned into a little something. Not sure if I will keep it/work on it/worry about it, but here I am — working on it while the others talk around me. The meeting has started in earnest now, discussing the upcoming Sudbury Arts Council kerfluffle and promotional elements, like the Northern Lights Festival and a book sale we’re organizing to fund raise for a local school. Due to my work schedule, I won’t be able to attend these events. There in spirit, I suppose.

That was one of the really weird things I discovered about NaNoWriMo, and which I’m sure I’ve talked about here. I am suddenly, strangely productive when there are others around me and I am able to tune them out. I think that goes back to high school and university, writing in the margins of my notebooks when the class became boring. So full of ideas and dialogue and images when I should be doing something else. Same at work, productive if I have the downtime from the calls while co-workers babble on around me. And when I am home, alone and working on my writing, it becomes much harder to be productive. Maybe I can try faking myself out with the TV loud in the other room, or the satellite radio, or what-have-you. While I can mimic this when I am out in a place like a coffee shop but then when it comes to a bathroom break, you’re stuck. Not like you’re going to leave your notes and computer on the table while you vanish and it’s inconvenient to pack everything up and then come back. It would be different if I had a writing buddy that I could go out with, but with my schedule that’s nearly impossible. Lesley would be the closest one to a person where I would want to do this with, but she’s an artist — unless she is working on planning or sketching there’s not much she can do.

All right, I’m sliding into whining. Sorry about that.

You may have noticed (You, yes, you, all of you fabulous readers … hahaha …) that I’ve begun posting every other day. That’s deliberate, and encouraged by my recent adoption of The Hit List. I’m using it to keep myself on track about the things I expect of myself day after day and so far it’s been helpful. If I have to post every two days, I have to think about what I’m going to write and, frankly, makes me make sure that I’m doing something, however small, that moves me forward.

… And I am ride-less for the evening. Dammit. Regrouping …


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