Test, Travolta, Physics, Tales — and Writing!

For my weekend upcoming:

  1. A teeny bit of blood work, the last of all my tests. Results are forthcoming in July and after that … well, we’ll see, won’t we? if I get the clean bill of health then I can worry about my potential knee troubles. So far, though, so good.
  2. A bit of girlish indulgence – a solitary viewing of Hair Spray. I’m a hard core anti-Travolta movie-goer, but I’ve heard that it’s a great flick. I can stand him long enough to make it through the one film; he’ll be in a fat suit, after all.
  3. Power reading through Physics of the Impossible, previously linked, mostly ‘cause I can and because I want to move on to the next book in my to-read pile. It feels like I’m really powering through them and I want to keep my momentum up.
  4. Possibly play a little Tales of Vesperia for the X-box 360. I need a bit of the shiny. Just a little. With any luck, I won’t like it and I can safely trade it in for something else. If I really like it, I’ll have to make Todd trade it in right away.

What? Writing did you say? Hmm? Why I hadn’t even thought of that.

Ha. Lies.

I have words to type in from a forward scene in Spirit Cat, more work to be done on the manuscript build (did make progress, though none of it today), and plucking at the strings of that little short story. No writing at all at work today — I only barely managed to finish reading the piece I had for critique. But that means that I’ve critiqued the two paper-copy stories for fellow Hypergraphic members I promised in time for the meeting. I do need to sit down and edit the one I received critiques on, however, so that’s also on tap. And some paper-based journaling. It’s been several weeks, and I have life-stuff to get down before I really forget.

Confirmation of the hotel for World Con has arrived. It feels more real, more probable than possible, every day.


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