A Collection of Random Facts

A collection of (not-so?) random notes until I have something directly related to my writing to blog about:

  1. Terminator: Salvation was a terrible, terrible movie. I had been excited to see the flick, and after the surprisingly enjoyable Wolverine and the sock-knocking, mind-blowing Star Trek, I thought I was on a theatrical roll. It would also be my only remaining taste of this fictional universe now that Fox Broadcasting has canceled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Turns out a movie that’s not really about John Connor, that has no time travel in it and reads like it was written by someone who has never written actual science fiction isn’t a science fiction movie I end up enjoying. Go fig.
  2. New contacts means more reading. My vision, already jokingly poor, is further hampered by the astigmatism in my right eye. The good news is that these days contacts can be made to take that into account. In order for it to work, though, the micro-weights in the lens must tilt it the right way or everything becomes a shade fuzzy in one eye. The bad news is that for the last two months my brain’s been trying to overcompensate for the misalignment of the right lens. Headaches, reading avoidance, crankiness, the works. My optometrist is sending out for replacements and my eyes are happier already with the new trial pair.
  3. Which means I’m nearly done the Inter-Library Loan books. Polished off Delany’s About Writing (previously linked) and now I’m moving on to the both very funny and very contemplative Word Work by Bruce Holland Rogers. He talks about writing in the abstract, personal sense – not the nuts and bolts sort of advice that nearly every book is stuffed with and not in the pretentious, self-excusing artiste way, either. He concedes, and rightly so, to that sense of wonder that comes with writing without investing deep emotional or spiritual preciousness to the act. At the same time, he’ll drop a chapter that puts a lot of things in sudden, cold-sweat perspective (see his chapter, Death and The Day Job, to understand what I mean). Still, the short-term goal is to finish reading them so they can be returned. That said, they will be both be purchased for my personal library as soon as funds allow.
  4. I’m trying my hand at growing herbs again. Having proved that I can grow, almost despite myself, trailing ivy, I decided to once again tempt the garden gods by growing my own herbs. I started with seeds and have had a sudden blush of green in my porch-cum-greenhouse. Of course, any nibbling I have in mind is many moons away. Walking into the grocery store garden center two weeks after only being able to find seed packets only to find cheap and gigantic potted herbs for sale makes me want to kick myself for not being patient. And to buy the sage, the one common herb I didn’t get in the first place.
  5. Work laid off about twenty-two people from our campaign. What a delightful surprise to walk in to on my work-week Monday. Makes you want to turn around and walk out before they escort you themselves. So far I appear to still be employed but for how long is anyone’s guess. Perhaps I’ll have more time for herb gardening, library book reading and fiction writing after all. Then again, perhaps it’s the kick in the pants I need.

I do admit to some writing-scuttling. I’ve been in a reading frenzy, not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to read these two Inter-Library Loan books. They are too expensive to keep late and will be heading back to their home libraries, in Toronto and Vancouver respectively, by the end of next week. So I keep telling myself, “Self, it’s okay. You will write later. I promise, I swear, just let me finish these two books, and you will write.”

I lie a lot. Have you noticed?

Then again, I also beat myself up quite a bit and it’s time to put my shit-kickers back on.


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