Doing What Works Feels Good

My first two days off after returning to work after the tests and isolation. It’s been weird, since I’d just gotten a taste of having a huge stretch of time to myself. I worried I would waste the paltry two days that I had.

And I did, at least on Tuesday. Errand running in the morning followed by lunch, then video games and loafing around. In a stormy mood afterwards, having not written anything, didn’t help my first attempt at grilling pizza. After that disaster, I was well and truly in a funk.

This morning I did things in reverse. After an initial bit of puttering, I got down to typing in the two pages of long hand words into the computer and even wrote new words. Then dog walking, then lunch, then planting herbs in terra cotta pots, then chatting online all before a solid reading session in the papasan chair, while the cat teased the ends of the potted ivy.

I could have, should have, written more. But I wrote, which is still forward movement. And it felt good. Just getting something done on the novel felt calming, renewing. It’s really what I have to do – writing first, then everything else. It just doesn’t work any other way.

(And I know this.)

Besides forging ahead on my regular 250 words per day, I have two other side projects: edit “All The Way”, one of the short stories I wrote during my blitz in February, and build my novel cheat sheets. I’ll be sending (spamming?) the short story to a friend of mine by Friday, no later than midnight. My first real deadline. Meanwhile, I’m waiting on a book delivery from Chapters (yes, that bookstore) which may help in regards to the cheat sheets. I need quick reference sheets when I’m writing on the go with the benefit of the computer, especially when I’m at work.

Now, off to hassle my Blood Pact partner.


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