Excuses Like Dandilions

I haven’t had any coffee or tea yet, which may explain why I’m so incredibly short-tempered with things today. I’ve had niggling little technical difficulties for a week or so now, and today I seem to have both sorted them and found a host of others. At one point, having reset Safari entirely (which has solved my web-page redirects) I lost all my passwords. Being a clever monkey, I have a file for them in my MacJournal so I can’t lose them. Of course today is also the day where MacJournal has a new update out and the redirect to the webpage was giving me different errors. And when I wasn’t able to log into here, I stopped, walked away from the computer and came back.

It seems sorted now, though I am still suspicious. I think I’ll be uninstalling some Safari add-ons and maybe stripping down a few extra programs off the hard drive. As fast as she is, my Mac hasn’t had the breathless zip-zip-zaroo that it came with when I got it out of the box.

But computer issues aren’t my only challenge today. I have laundry and cooking, more food for my low-iodine diet. I have to get out with the dog at some point. I was supposed to make bread from scratch that I could actually eat but I don’t see it happening. Writing? I have to get some work done! And I haven’t even eaten yet.

I’ve gotten very, very bad at getting to work on my writing on my day’s off. I’m not typing words in, I’m not writing new ones. Most of the day is spent in an aimless and unproductive surf with a bit of book-reading thrown in for good measure. It all seems to start with running errands on my first day off. After that, I don’t really want to do much. Maybe I should do my errands on the second day? Maybe at night? I don’t know. All I do know is that I’m not managing my time well, even with the help of Things,

And I’m trying around a cat in the throws of pleasure, curled into a ball between me and the mac, front paws flexing and curving, back paws stretching out, toes extended over the keyboard, the sound of purring competing with the sound of my typing. Cute, distracting little bastard. I’ll have welts up and down my arms before long.

Today I have to get my Spirit Cat words in. That’s my good news – I’m writing Spirit Cat again! After the three (unedited) short stories, I’m back to writing the novel. It’s still shit and I’m still not sure about things, but I’m moving forward which, right now, is a tick in the win column for me.


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