Very Productive Emails

The blood pact has begun!

Figuratively, of course. We’re not cutting open our palms and mingling our blood or anything. Though that would be blog-worthy, if not psychologist-worthy. After weeks of talking about doing it, me and another member of the Sudbury Hypergraphics have paired up to encourage each other, more directly and frequently, than just the bi-weekly meetings. It’s meant to be regular, near daily pestering about each other’s work, intended to inspire progress and confidence.

Why are we doing this?

It’s too easy to put writing in the corner. We both have busy lives we must manage (his busier than mine by a long shot) where we have to meet our household, family and spousal needs. It’s also too easy to get discouraged about our ideas, our words. And it’s also too easy to miss the obvious about our own work, something a fresh pair of eyes can quickly pick out.

Right now we’re in the, “Here’s my baby!” stage. We’ve each briefed the other on our basic premise, characters and plot and we’ve started asking questions of each other, about how this is supposed to work and what this or that character’s motivation is. Which is awesome, because this is the sort of thing I need. Someone to bounce ideas off of and sort out the plot points. Someone who knows the language of writing. Someone who isn’t going to hold back if it is “pants-on-head” retarded. (Thank you, Zero Punctuation. I’ll love you always!)

I love the back-and-forth. We’ve been carrying on for a couple of days, getting each other to further refine our explain the ideas. We may start switching chapters back and forth, partly for feedback, partly to have someone who we’re accountable to so we won’t be inclined to let the whole thing slide. And it’s already started helping. The last three days at work I’ve made my word count, and today even more than that. Of course, I didn’t type a bloody word in during my two days off, so now I have some 700-odd words plus whatever I get the next four days at work.

I’m also having issue with a couple of computer-related thingamajigs. I’m frustrated by the (apparent) limitations of Mac Mail. I may be missing something obvious but I want to pull out emails with a certain header not just into smart mailboxes but out of the inbox entirely so I can concentrate on the non-mailing list mails. When me and the SHS member started emailing each other, I nearly missed them. I’ve installed Thunderbird. I may use it for my scribofelidae address, if I can get it to do what I want it to. We shall see.


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