59 Inches Or So

I’ve been obsessed with ergonomically improving my workspace at home. Not that I’m normally not fiddling with things, but after the last Hypergraphics meeting, where we changed venues and I sat at this desk, this table, this wonderful, perfectly-suited workspace, my obsession has manifested in me carting around a measuring tape between work and home. It’s not pretty, but it’s true.

The Table, which shall forthwith be acknowledged by a capitalized first letter, was an IKEA standard, flat and about 59 inches long. The legs were the cheap non-adjustable variety. And the chair? Ha. Plastic. Unadjustable. And yet the whole thing felt so tailored to my body, my moods, my needs. It said, quietly, stately, that this is a table for work, beautiful, creative work, and that I should sit at it and become one with the work.

Not to get too romantic here, but maybe the table carries some of the resonance of the crafters that use it – the venue ended up being the storefront of one of the members and she offers craft supplies and workshops set around this table.

I’ve long found the desks at work to be exceptionally productive. They’re a good height for me to lean over them and chairs that are low and firm without too many unnecessary adjustment wheels or flaps. It seems so much lower than my desk at home. So did the desk at the meeting. But when I measured them all out, my desk at home is only about an inch taller. Can I really justify swapping everything out for an inch?

We also thought it may just be the chair I’m using. I’m sitting in Todd’s now and I like it, though it leans too far back. And it’s cushy, which is something I always thought I wanted in a chair but the slim little number at work has proved that to be wrong. And what’s really maddening is that I mostly have the go ahead to have an IKEA run for an office update yet I won’t be the one able to go myself. If it happens I’ll be sending Todd out with a list of color coded numbers into the wilds of IKEA alone.

Besides my fussing, the Novelist Blood Pact has been born! I’ve paired up with one of my fellow Hypergraphics for one-on-one encouragement. Time for me to get to work.

PS: A low-iodine diet sucks. That’s all I’m gonna say besides, “Thank god it’s only for three weeks!”


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