All Poured Outta Me

Finally caught up on my journaling!

Not here, of course. In one of those old-fashioned things that has a spine you can break and pages you can accidentally tear, one that requires a bookmark made of green cloth and fingers covered in stray pen strokes. It may all be pointless navel gazing, all inward, self-absorbed, but necessary for me to function like a normal human being. It’s not something I have to do every day, but I notice that if I don’t do it, I feel like I should. Like I must.

[Disgusting analogy alert!] It’s like a blister that never heals and whose only temporary peace comes from draining it. [See?]

Now that that’s done, my mind is a bit more my own again. I even managed some 350 words of free-writing that I wasn’t even intending so my words for today have topped the 1,000 mark, though about a third of them count as fiction. And I’m underestimating the word count, here. I wrote about six pages of tight, precise handwriting that described loose, wiggly memories of Ad Astra. I’d meant to get them down fresh after returning, but it was not to be.

Still, I feel better that it’s done.

What’s up for this week?

  1. I want to finish reading that poetry book I’ve borrowed. It’s really interesting and has the sort of specific stuff I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. And there are loads of neat exercises that I want to try. I may need to find my own copy – I’m almost out of library renewals..
  2. I need a night of visual research. I have a couple of books (both bought and borrowed) for some general research relating to the novel. I am going to take the computer off the desk, spread out my books, get my notepad and just start hunting randomly and see what turns up.
  3. I want to learn how to diagram a sentence. I know, nerd alert! I’ve never really come across this before. Can you tell I’m not an English major (besides the writing, I mean)? I first came across it when I found a webpage that diagramed President Obama’s sentences and contrasted them those of President Bush, and in reading a few other how-to books I’ve come across this again. I know I have bad sentence structure habits and I think this might help.
  4. I need to get my writer’s research homework set up. Many times I’ve come across suggestions to take existing writer’s work, make copies of it, and set out with a bunch of highlighters and go crazy. Track things like what’s dialogue, what’s exposition, what’s narrative, whether the item tracks plot, character, setting or more than one.
  5. During the work day? Writing. Back to the words. I still have the remainder of a scene from Spirit Cat to type in. Meanwhile, windows into the world of the novel are just above me, beckoning.

That should be enough for now. Also, a Hypergraphics meeting. I don’t doubt much of the meeting will be taken up with an Ad Astra retrospective, which may help to jog my memory about what I’ve forgotten to journal about.


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