Shocking Truth

Fiction World Rocked as Woman Claims No Sexual Attraction to Neil Gaiman.


Well, of course it’s clearly April Fools.  (And it seemed a good time to test out the ‘Press This!’ feature for WordPress.)

Today is a day of futzing around.  After getting next to nowhere yesterday, I sat down after dinner and mind-mapped my little heart out about all the things I wanted to do and it put me in a better frame of mind for today.  I’m reasonably productive today – doing laundry, hung the new cork board, started cleaning around my desk.  I think I’m going to push the office work a little further and ‘reboot’ my desk.  The printer needs to move-move-move.  Taking up way too much desk real-estate.  Yet it still needs to be handy.  So I’m pondering this while 1st Wave plays on my XM Radio.  Can’t ponder too long, else I’ll end up wasting the rest of today, too.


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