A Whole Lot of Nothing

I’ve having one of those days were everything is surrounding me, I can’t focus on any task for long and there is so much that I want to do that I end up getting mentally paralyzed and so do nothing.

It’s frustrating and so diametrically opposed to how I felt as we left Ad Astra, bouncing on all the great vibes and head full of forward-thinking thoughts. Now it’s all cotton batting and navel-gazing. Might have something to do with the bottle of white wine I polished off last night, on my ‘friday’. In all fairness, I was supposed to drink it down in Toronto and I’m glad I didn’t because if this is the result.

What the end result of today is a scrubbed day. I did manage to pick up a monster cork board for the office, a new color ink cartridge for the printer, and a watch battery, finally, even though I forgot that I have no way to actually unscrew the back panel to get the battery in. And I walked the dog.

lets out a long sigh

tries not to yawn


What I did do for most of the afternoon is try to set up Delicious again. My bookmarks are ridiculous – unwieldily, monstrous, self-defeating. I’m looking at reams of old cooking website links and pondering nuking them altogether. I really just need some way to better navigate the stuff I am more likely to use. That said, I did get rid of lots of dead bookmarks, which is a start. Having been on the net since the late 90s, my bookmark list has had many incarnations and importations, and thus, a lot of dead skin that needs to be buffed away. (Um, ew?)

I really shouldn’t beat myself up too much. I knew that today would be a bit of catch up and a bit of lounging all rolled into one. It’s just that I feel so far behind on everything and the house is a wreck and I’m in a moderately pissy mood. Even music hasn’t helped, and normally my favorite tunes can pull me out of a funk.


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