All The Space I Need

Virtually, anyways.

Today was rather productive, with no small thanks to Things, I think. Having the list is really helping, and so is having it on both the computer and the iPhone. I’m even adding things like mini-reminders, things like “bring the magazine to the Hypergraphics meeting” stuff. And now I’ve configured Hyperspaces into four discrete workspaces. Look at me, all organizing and stuff!

Got five days of words typed in over the course of the day, read a bit from The Days Of Rice And Salt, and got house-type stuff like laundry and homemade beef soup. Now it’s computer playtime which, frankly, is never boring.

On the writing front:

1) I was a little overwhelmed at how much I had to type in today – something like 1,600 words. It was helpful to see just how much time I was spending on things other than writing. My time spent chatting with a friend was higher, for a while, then the amount of time spent writing. By the end of the day, it was reverse. Now instead of just suspecting that I’m wasting time, I know.

2) I think I should be done the third short story by Friday. I think. But that still leaves me no close to editing anything. I still need a linking paragraph or two for the second one before I can go back to do an edit. But as for the current story, I’m about to run headlong into the finale. The only weird thing is that there will end up being a break about three-quarters of the way through before linking to the final scene. Is that weird? I don’t know.

3) Hypergraphics Meeting coming up around the corner, too. More discussion of Ad Astra, and possibly World Con. If not World Con, I’m toying with the idea of Artsperience up in North Bay.

4) Had half of my “novel date” session. I think I know how to continue from where I left off and I think that will be next up once I finish the short story draft.

5) I may be going to down to part-time at work. Maybe. We’re going to do our taxes and see where we might be after that. I’d have mornings to write, and evenings to cook, hang out, be social. Could be a very, very good thing, but the decision on that would be a couple of months away.

6) Health stuff. My doctors are running some additional tests in April of the sort where I can make jokes about gamma rays and “HULK SMASH!” Relatively minor(ish), but still something on my mind. There will be a period of days in April where I’m not sure if I should be touching any of my electronics so there may be a personal black-out up ahead. For all my talk last week of an e-hermitage, the real thing is coming up. Going to catch up on my reading, methinks.


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