I <3 My Mac

Are Mac-centered magazines the purview of the British alone? They seem to be – twice now I’ve picked up magazines whose price was stamped in pounds instead of dollars and, in much the same way that British cooking magazines are on the whole superior to their American cousins, these Mac magazines are great. Solid articles, reviews, extensive how-to articles and programs, both trail and freebies, two shiny CDs worth. I’m playing with them now while I wait for dinner. One is a disc from iCreate and the other from Mac Format.

They remind me of my youth. I never had a Mac when I was a kid, though I had one for a while on loan that ran Hypercard which was oh-so-awesomely cool. But before the IBM Personal Computer and its army of clones took over the nation, there was the Amiga, a computing power house compared to its predecessors, and the Atari. No, not the arcade. The Atari computers were the sleeker, cheaper versions of the Amiga and my parents made sure we had one, an Atari ST, somewhere around 1985.

Our whole family used that computer for just about everything. I would type up projects in a word processor, I would make character sheets with a desktop publishing program called Calamus, and we played games. Not just me and my younger brother, either, but my folks, too. In fact, it got to the point where my brother and I would play our game on the computer until bedtime, and then after our parents would play to the wee hours of the morning. It was as central to us as our television. More so, probably.

Where I’m going with all of this is that our family, huge Atari geeks that we were, were devoted readers of the Atari ST and ST Format magazines, also from the UK. We had boxes and boxes of back issues, and all of us read them. We used the Atari ST computer right up to the end, and I still remember my Dad’s disappointment (and ours, too, really) when he found out they were discontinuing his favorite magazines. I recall even after we no longer actively used the ST computer anymore that it took some convincing to finally get rid of the magazines.

Hmm … just digging around the inter-webs. Looks like there are more US based Mac-centered magazines. All I seem to find are the UK ones, at least locally. Or maybe they are the only ones that caught my eye. Still, it makes me happy, in a weird way, of the threads that go backwards and forwards in our lives.

Off to play some more with the disks.

PS: In case you think I’m avoiding the issue, I did get my words. A couple more days and I’ll have another short story draft. I just have to get at least one of them edited. I’m also moving closer to setting up some sort of writer’s pact with another member of the Sudbury Hypergraphic Society. More on that later.


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