Sensory Overload, Wii-Style

I am trying to focus on the computer while the ear-splitting sounds of Mad World for the Wii (a peek of which can be seen here) rends and screams in the background. It is a spectacular orgy of the most graphic elements – stylized and ridiculous, hilarious and baffling. So much so it may not even be released in Japan, according to its Wikipedia entry. It is something to be experienced and marveled at, though it may not bear up to repeat play. When everything is too much, nothing is too much.

We have the guys over. I’ve made pizza and they’ve played a bit of Rock Band. They always have Rock Band so loud and now Mad World is busy grunting, hip-hopping, swearing, commentating and sound-effecting through the stark black and white levels at top volume.

On The Writing Front:

a) About to enter some sort of novel-writing pack with a fellow Hypergraphic member. He and I both have stalled novels and we’re trying to goad each other into a stronger commitment.

b) Figured out a plot problem in my short-short and made fair progress on it today at work. Once I’d written up to where I’d imagined, I sat down and started making random notes until my brain made the necessary connection. Made my words and then some.

c) Exploring a couple of GTD program tools because, frankly, I’m not getting things done. I’ve been beta-testing The Hit List, but my eyes have turned towards Things, well-reviewed and feels, so far, easier for me to use. Plus an iPhone app for easy integration. Nice. I only wish MacJournal had something similar, as I would do away with Evernote altogether. Don’t get me wrong – I like Evernote, but I don’t use it to keep my files, only transfer them from my iPhone to my Mac, where I then squirrel it away in MacJournal. I’ve heard rumors on the MacJournal boards that this is in the works and I am eagerly anticipating it.

It’s funny. I was never one to go out and buy programs for my old Windows machines, unless they were video games or the latest upgrade to MS Office (tho’ near the end I did start experimenting with writing software in the two? three? years before the switch, I’ll need to think back). Now with the Mac, there are all these useful little utilities at affordable prices. I am spoiled, I think, and delighted to be so.


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