What To Do? What To Do?

Very productive day this morning at work. I managed some 450 words on the latest short-short, getting about half-way through. I got into a good groove, easily making my words and leaving me peppy all day. I’ve just killed one of the characters and I’m about to make the bridge between the two strong images that are driving the short-short.

I’m just not sure how I connect the two. Tomorrow will be some exploratory writing so I can figure out where the heck I’m going.

In the meantime, I’ve come into a teeny sum of birthday money. It, combined with my regular spend-a-pa-looza freebie cash, makes me think I should do something special and/or fun with it. I’ve got so many fiction books to read (Mom even sprang for two more books as part of my birthday present) and enough non-fiction to keep me busy. I don’t want to spend it on clothes. Already going on a trip. (Woo-hoo Ad Astra!)

Leaves two options:

a) Spending the dosh at Ad Astra, which will likely be books, which I shouldn’t spend it on, but may involve coolness like art prints or neat-o jewelry.
b) Spending the dosh after Ad Astra, specifically at IKEA, where I could get a bunch of items to pimp out my office.

I think I’ll do both. The trip will straddle two months, meaning I can dip into the April toy money, and if nothing strikes my fancy at the Con, I can invest part of it on office goodies.

This will be posted late, as my wireless and my broadband are both down, so I am isolated from the informational networks of the digital ether.

I guess that means time for bed, eh?


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