Getting Started, Keeping Going

This was not the productive morning that I’d hoped it would be.

I’ve hemmed and hawed, puttered here and there. I’ve managed to feed myself, shower and dress, walk the dog, eat something and spend the lunch hour with Todd. I’ve plucked through half of the mass of RSS feeds, I’ve toyed with the beta version of The Hit List, a new GTD tool, I’ve downloaded a game (The Creeps!) onto my iPhone, I’ve watched a crazy video about a sandstorm (it’s like they are driving into Jupiter!), and managed to update my Safari plugins so that I could take Safari 4 for a spin.

Not a bit of which is what I wanted to do.

It’s been a pleasant enough day, but it’s a day of puttering, not of production. I’m feeling finicky and restless, neither of which is helping to accomplish much.

And speaking of distractions – I started this post around an hour and a half ago. I’ve since decided that I’m going to finish American Gods by Neil Gaimen today and I’ve been reading. Oh, and popped downstairs to make a pot of tea.

I have about four pages of notes to type in to the computer for my short story, and work to begin on the short-short I’ve started. And the novel.

And. And. And.

And what?

I promise that the next entry will be me gushing about something really cool and writing-related if I have to break every pen in the joint to do it.


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