Did I mention I love WordPress?

I’m slowly typing up my longhand words from the week – slowly because we have two contractors here installing the new gas water tank. After a bumpy start, things are progressing smoothly albeit slowly, so I am downstairs in the living room, immersed in a stream of BBC Canada programming while I pluck at the keys and watch the animals get stressed out. Snow continues to fall and the homemade chili, on tap for dinner tonight, is being pushed back later and later. Perhaps I will end up making it tomorrow and just having perogies tonight after all.

The upshot of my puttering is that in between typing and web surfing, I found WordPress’s announcement that they had better LiveJournal entry export capability. Previously, you had to pull it out month by month. For my old LiveJournal writing blog, that wasn’t so hard to tackle. But I had a fairly large cooking school blog that was impractical to import. I have hard copies of those entries, massive .pdf files that I printed out and painstakingly printed out, yet I still fear losing them somehow.

So right now I’m importing all those cooking school entries. And, bonus, when I’m done, MacJournal will be able to pull the entries back and give me individual copies.

Eventually, I’d like to have my own domain name for my journal and even use the WordPress software instead of just their web-based templates. But for now, just getting copies of everything I have written electronically is enough for me.


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