Both Easier and Harder Than Imagined

Speaking of unintended messes.

So, like I said, I decided to go through and correct all those mistakes. This took hours of nit-picky work. But as I neared completion, I decided to import the journal entries from the original ‘scribofelidae’ site.

I thought I had, actually, but in double checking found there were nearly a year’s worth of entries missing. They’d all been marked private, so I guess they didn’t get picked up. So I spent the next thirty minutes reacquainting myself with why I left LiveJournal, unable to find a way to mass-change the privacy levels, going to through to edit each one individually, tried to have WordPress re-import the entries to see if they would recognize them now, only to have the whole feature stop working altogether. In the end, I spent another hour or so manually importing each entry, cutting and pasting them one by one. I have January 2007 – May 2007 still to go, and then I’m clear.

The backdrop to all this has been a hellish day of getting a hot water tank removed and replaced, and then having to call them back because the new tank was leaking. Horribly. I didn’t make chili, I’m slightly cranky, and I have not gotten today’s words.

But, when this is all done, not only will all my journal entries since I’ve started doing any kind of real blogging (circa 2002) will be in one place, I will also have every entry backed-up and searchable in MacJournal.

Now if only I could channel that same dogged single-mindedness into either writing or weight-loss.


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