To The Stars in 2009!

I’ve committed to Ad Astra now. I put the reservation in for the hotel at Ad Astra for a party of three, me, Todd and a girl from the Sudbury Hypergraphics. I didn’t call and use the discount code – its weirdly more expensive by a couple of dollars and I wanted to use the website. I’ll be sending a cheque for my registration this week. Todd is holding off. At most he may pick up a Saturday pass at the door.

When I say committed, I’m not just being descriptive. There’s a tiny warning on the registration – non-refundable. There’s no not going. It’s happening.

And I’m really excited about it.

That’s a bland, uncreative statement. I know. It’s all I can muster this evening. So far it’s a small excitement, one that will build to a crescendo of geekery and nerdism. There’s still the fear that my vacation will be denied, that I will have to force a confrontation. I think, once the approval is made, it will feel safe to be excited.

As for my writing progress, that has slowed. Significantly. I think most of my blocks when it comes to writing boil down to finishing. I’m so close to completing the short story. Paragraphs. And yet I’m finding all sorts of reasons why I can’t write. I got about half of my words for today. Maybe I need to up the word count. You know, reach for the moon/even if you miss you’ll still land in the stars sort of thing.

I think I’m in the mud right now.


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