Up Way Damn Early

Since the dog had an accident last week – we woke to a cat-shaped puddle of pee that we weren’t sure was hers until she gave it a four-foot berth when she walked past it – I’ve become overly sensitive to her overly sensitive bladder. So when I blearily blinked my eyes at 6:30, hearing the tap-tap-tap of her toenails on the metal runner that separates the carpeted area of the bedroom from the linoleum tile of the hallway, I hauled myself out of bed and stumbled down the stairs in the darkness to let her out.

Now I’m listening to some Jazz on XM Radio and the cat is curled up on top of the printer on my desk. The dog is on our bed, waiting for her Daddy to come home, which will be sometime later today.

I like Jazz. I have a hard time finding music to write to that doesn’t end up with me singing along with it, in the case of pop, punk, rock or what-have-you, or imagining what it was written for, in the case of musicals or movie scores I already own. I can’t predict the Jazz; I’m not waiting for it to neatly come round again into something familiar. Jazz tends to become comfortable background music – unless it slips off into something deliberately discordant, which it’s sort of doing now. Maybe if I switch off between it and the Cinemagic channel, I’ll find myself an audible writing home.

Got my minimum words in last night. I’m very close to finishing the short story. Where the hell that leaves the novel in progress, I don’t know. I think I need to talk about it, at least do so out loud, but I have no sounding board. Maybe myself. MacJournal has an audio recording feature (just like Journler, to be fair), and I think under my personal journal offline I may start hashing out some thoughts and use the audio recording so I won’t feel like I’m talking to myself. At least, the myself right now. My head can wrap around that I’m talking to a future self who may or may not be interested and who may think I am absurdly funny.

It’s early, can’t you tell?

I’m off to forage for some tea, and something to nibble on. I may type in yesterday’s words and try to get today’s writing done early before I even head to work.

Edited to add:  Wow, my 200th post!  Spammy little thing, aren’t I?


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