Deftly Doing Nothing

This is day two of my Stay-cation, and it’s been a leisurely affair. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, either.

After some necessary shopping, a new pair of jeans and groceries for my days off, I did a little splurge. I picked up Chronicles of the Black Company by Glen Cook (I keep coming across his name and his works and I just had to finally buy it) and, embarrassingly enough, The Writer’s Toolbox by Jamie Cat Callan.

I always feel goofy buying writing inspiration books. Seriously, at this point I have enough prompts for at least four years if I did an exercise every day and didn’t repeat them. Make that five years now. That said, what really prompted me to pick it up was that the last two meetings of the Sudbury Hypergraphics we’ve done writing exercises, with a different person responsible for bringing an exercise each time. And this goodies box? You better believe that when it’s my turn I’m bringing it in. It will be a hoot.

Bah, I just spent twenty minutes getting lost in both and Writer’s Digest’s website, specifically their book offerings. They used to have this great series, “The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in the BLAHS”. The whole line is out of print now, and I have five of them (having had just enough sense when I did my writing book purge of 2002 to keep these books). Some you can find relatively on the cheap like the one I’m looking at, Everyday life in the 1800s, while others, like the one that covers Prohibition thru’ WWII, will run you over $80CAN. Right now in my semi-imaginary list I have that one and the one for the Wild West. Any who, shame on Writer’s Digest for not keeping these in print. I mean, hello, if people are willing to fork over $80 for one volume, maybe it’s time to re-release them? Or, even, release them electronically, as they are offering one of their Write Great Fiction series.

I seriously need a reading vacation – somewhere warm, somewhere with no distractions, somewhere with an overstuffed chair, great tea and my feet up on an ottoman.

Wow, seriously distracted here. Okay, after all that fun shopping yesterday and today, I settled in for some writing at Williams. I inputed my hand-written words, got today’s minimum, and then packed up to come home. Now I’m going to sit down and do some reading, with plans to come back to the writing later today.


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