Stay-Cation Redux

Here I am, Day One of my Stay-cation.

Todd and Jim are en route to Tremblant, I have secured a third day off, giving me a very rare three-day weekend, and soon I’ll be heading out for some groceries and shopping. In the meantime, I’m still in my house coat, finishing off the dregs of my coffee, blogging while I have iTunes spinning through Party Shuffle.

Speaking of shuffling, life seems to be doing that for me at the moment. The shift-bid is imminent, and unless something truly strange happens, I will be working nights starting March 2nd. The thought originally was that if the schedule was a poor one, I might drop down to part-time and then pick up overtime shifts, which they were offering with incentive pay on top of your hourly wage. Found out yesterday from a co-worker that that scheme ended at the end of January. Nice. Granted, that’s probably why I was able to give away my Friday shift – now it’s more attractive to pick up a shift from a full-timer than one of the shorter over-time shifts.

But that’s not the only thing that’s shuffling. My little down-beat bout this past week or so has left me scatter-brained. After not writing Sunday, I wrote Monday, my regular words, and started writing yesterday, but didn’t finish the words. And then promptly forgot all about it.

Is it the scatter-brained-ness? I’m going to call it Scatternalia. (I can’t seem to find Scatternalia in any dictionary, but a Google search comes up with one entry from a text reprinting works from the early 1900s. I think I’m safe to repurpose it. Mua-ha-ha.)

This could be a bad start – I stopped this entry to get laundry and then ended up downloading the upgrade for Flow, a neat-o little game whose company is releasing Flower tomorrow. And this is after beating the first level of WipeOut HD this morning.

Time to get going!


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