Saw This Else Blog

Basically you take the first line of the first entry of every month, and post it here. Let’s see what I wrote in 2008!

  1. January – I need a place where I can look back and say, “See, this is what I did.” Whether it worked, whether it failed, doesn’t matter.
  2. February – I spent the morning in a semi-productive state – just none of it writing.
  3. March – Not going to Ad Astra.
  4. April – Finally caught up on all my Grave Robber notes, inputted the bare-bones material I created for Candy Floss and now I’m entering the new pieces of Spirit Cat into my folders.
  5. May – This is a bit of an experiment.
  6. June – From the fine gentlemen at Penny Arcade comes this little gem.
  7. July – The computer arrived with a note saying that they had replaced the motherboard and all should be well.
  8. August – I must be OCD, just a little.
  9. September – Yeah.
  10. October – I thought it would be raining today.
  11. November – I bailed early on the Halloween party last night so I could get some sleep before today.
  12. December – Here we are, December 1st.

Hrm. Interesting.


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