I Think I’ve Been Seduced

Damn it.

Like I don’t play around with my computer as it is – seriously, if I had but one toy in all the universe it would be this Macbook – but now I may be switching over programs. But this time it’s from one journal application to another, in this case MacJournal.

Why the change? While I enjoy my current note-gathering program, there are always limitations that irk and chap, so I am constantly on the look out for ways to do it better. Even if, in this example, it would mean going through some 600-odd entries. And this time, in my search, I came across one feature, heck, a whole program function, that I hadn’t gotten yet.

A blog program.

So this is the test – if it seamlessly, hassle-free posts this entry into my blog, I will be getting out the credit card ASAP.

Cross your fingers.

(I’m such a nerd!)


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