I Really Hate This New Schedule

Not the writing schedule – that’s doing fine – but my work schedule.  

After our campaign ended, we were all given the choice between two other campaigns to transfer.  Most of us chose one over the other, having heard that the other was stricter, the customers more difficult, and while they were desperate for day shifters, people like me with low seniority could theoretically end up with some bizarre night shift.   The campaign we went to is time-shifted by three hours, so the earliest start time is now 9:45 a.m., ending at 6:00 p.m.

Until the shift bid, which they have been dangling in front of our noses for over a month but which keeps getting pushed back by either corporate or the client – not sure which.  I am the last in seniority out of our group that transfered over, and below the middle when it comes to the whole thing.  Most of my group, however, at least two thirds of them, have gobs more seniority than the ones already here, making the regulars with day shift nervous, too.  So this monster shoe is poised to drop on us at any time and we’re all fearful of getting squished. Everyone’s anxious, just wanting it to be over. 

It is very unlikely that I will keep this shift after the shift bid. We only kept our shifts in the beginning because it was easier, and a shift bid was supposed to be coming.  Yet I’m already feeling like the time frame takes up my entire day and wondering if it will improve if I get a later shift.   And a shorter one.   When I can see the big windows in the front, see the sunshine out there, I so want to be at home in my office, writing.  Writing.  There or anywhere else.

I go through phases at work, just like everyone.  Right now I have no patience for the customers, which makes the calls harder. It will pass.  But I think, after World Con, I should seriously start looking for another job. 

More writing-related and bookish musings to follow, time permitting of course.

(PS: Still haven’t missed a day, either, tho’ I have six pages of writing to type in . . .)


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