That Was Close

I’m really glad that I decided to give my short story a close inspection before submitting it.  I almost did last night, changing a word here and there while my eyes glazed over, but set it aside for today to make sure.  I printed out a copy, sat down stairs, and starting going over it.

I wrote this many years ago, and wrote it in two halves.  Like many of my early starts, I would write (what I thought) was an interesting beginning and then leave it when the initial rush of creation ended.   This story I came back to finish, though to some extent I forced it.  I’m not happy with the means to get to my ending (that’s what had stumped me with this one) and it feels like it reads like two separate works.  

I’m also noticing those sorts of technical issues that are invisible when you’re writing in the first place.  I’m very conscious of P.O.V. these days and I like to think I do it better now than I did then – sure enough there are several issues in the story where I switch from a tight 3rd person to an omnipotent viewpoint.  That’s gotta change.  Other things like word choice, and rooting the story firmly with more tart and juicy details, need to be dealt with. 

I don’t think I’ll get to post the story today, but I have a game plan to get it up by next week. I noticed that when I sat down with the whole thing, I would start to run out of steam, looking at all the pages and thinking the job too big.  Time to trick my brain again! I’m going to pull it out of my Short Story binder in Scrivener, give it its own file and break up each scene into its own sub-document, then edit each scene in a single setting.  

Back to the words.  

Psst: Got my words done for Spirit Cat today, too.


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