Yad Sdrawkcab

I know, I know.  The rule is that I get my words down and then I can blog.

And that hasn’t happened yet today.  The words. But it’s a soft rule next to the hard rule of 250 words per day, which I am still meeting or exceeding day to day.  Besides, I didn’t actually blog about anything yesterday, so I feel I have a freebie coming. Blogging before writing – it’s Backwards Day!

I am having a devilishly hard time getting focused today.  I had to spend the morning out, first to the grocery store, then shopping for a birthday present that had me floundering at a couple of stores (and running into another SHS member) until I was satisfied, then grabbed a fantastic provolone and genoa sandwich on fresh focaccia before heading home only to realize I’d forgotten the flour I needed to make dinner.  So I downed a couple of Pepsis, puttered around, then headed back out to the grocery store before picking Todd up.

And every since, I’ve been doing nuthin’.  Absolutely nuthin’.

I’ve got some nice tea now (thought, having had two Pepsis, I want another one so desperately I think I will go mad – this is why I’ve had to cut back), I’m listening to Donna Summer sing Last Dance on XM’s The Strobe to try to work myself into some energy.  I’ve dumped Firefox again for the inter-compatibility of Safari.   I haven’t inputed the longhand words I wrote at work the last two days and I am itching to restructure all of my files in Scrivener.  Instead I’ve done neither and it is after 4:00 p.m. already.

Nerd Alert: Another little side project of mine is to start tracking my word count.  I can’t just post it here every day.  Boring.  So this is the calendar I mentioned, with it’s weird layout that feels so refreshingly simple and so meant to be written all over and struck through and scribbled on.  You can mostly make out my work schedule (sucky, no?) and the day’s word count.  I’m going to start totaling the number of words per month, per week, per week-day and per week-end (such as they are), to see where I’m trending.  


Also thinking I need to change the title of the blog – after all, I’m no longer using the red ballpoint pen template for the blog, so Bid Red Pen makes little sense.  Likely will be changing it to Big Green Pen until I can think of something even a smidgen better. Any ideas? 

Alright, off to get some words typed in.  

Edited to add @ 5:63 p.m. the same day:  All my words from the last two days are now typed in and in doing so I’ve added another 511 words which covers today’s words and then some.  Since I started doing this day-by-day, minimum 250 words or more, I’ve added another 4,576 words to my novel in twelve days, about four times the number of words I wrote in the whole of December.


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