To The Stars!

That would sound a heck of a lot more convincing if the Ad Astra website wasn’t sitting there refusing to load, but the sentiment remains.  This link should be working shortly: Ad Astra, this March 27-29th!   I will be going to Ad Astra this year!  And with a posse of writing buddies to boot!  We’ll be finalizing details at the next meeting, January 23rd.  I’ve tried booking a half hour of undertime (basically, approved time off) so I can leave at 5:30 instead of 6:00, when the meeting starts, and not arrive panting and hungry after the cheese shop closes its doors.

Finished my words today, 324, most of them written at work again.  I’m starting to get into a nice habit of working out at least the beginnings of the days words while I’m at work, and then finishing them or building upon them at night.  After that, I printed out a set of tabs for the new Spirit Cat binder, moved everything over, and also started writing down my daily word counts onto the French wall calendar I picked up on the cheap in January. And since I finished Chapter 10 yesterday, I printed out a copy and added it to the draft.

(In my defense, I didn’t think it was a French; I liked it because all the pictures were of hand-written letters written with a quill and sealed with wax, appealing to my romantic side, I suppose. At least it has the translations for the days, though I can still translate them in my head if needed.)

All said, terribly pleased with myself.

One thing that I’ve noticed – this will be the first novel that I will have written at least half of by hand.  Even before I started my daily routine, even before I decided I was going to make it a serious story, I was writing out pieces long hand at work starting sometime in March of last year.  I didn’t start dating the entries until several pages in, and it’s marked April 5/08.  I’m nearing the 12-month mark for the draft, taking much longer than I’d like but at least I’m making steady progress again.   This is only the second novel I’ve written and it will be the first that I will try to edit from beginning to end.  No one starts writing masterpieces their first time on the page save the lucky few and fate has already been kind enough to point out that I am not among them.

That’s okay.  I don’t mind the scenic route.  I hear it’s all about the journey anyways.  *grin*


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