Year’s Best No More

The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror will be ceasing publication as of this year.

Wow.  A great series is no more, one responsible for exposing me to so many new-to-me writers by reading their included selections or by coming across them in the volume’s vital year-in-review summary.

And I only found out the anthology existed five years ago.

Which ties back to bookstores.  Our Chapters (the Canadian poor cousin to bookstores like Borders or Barnes and Noble, gobbled up by Indigo a few years back) has a modest science fiction and fantasy section, just a few aisles and far too much of that taken up by media-related tie-ins that no doubt sell but do not advance the genre.  Anyways, where would one go to find an anthology such as this one, or any of the other fantastic genre anthologies?

Why, they are sandwiched with a selection of literary poetry right beside the Harlequin romances, where no one is going to find them unless they are looking for literary poetry or Harlequin romances or who knows by psychic prowess that they can be found there.


I suppose if the world made sense I’d have nothing to write about.

(Yes, I’m clearly cheating.  I don’t have today’s words.  But I had to write about this now.)


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