Writing Around a Wedge of Cat

I suppose I should interpret Greyson’s medicine-balling on my lap between me and my Macbook as some sort of sign of affection but I’m too jaded – I stole the ottoman he was curled up on, the one normally near one of the heating vents, for my own nefarious purpose, writing.   This isn’t love curled up in my lap forcing me to type one-fingered – this is punishment.

Probably.  (Much cat wrangling ensues.) Okay, cat free and typing with all fingers.  A huge improvement.

I’m listening to Cinemagic on XM Radio.  About an hour ago they were doing a series of James Bond title songs and sountrack pieces.  Great stuff.  Now it’s playing the festive music from the village scene in The Dark Crystal.   Cinemagic one of my favorite satellite radio stations – there’s rarely anything boring playing, by design it suggests action, adventure and romance, and there are rarely lyrics, especially ones I might know, so it’s easy to let it become the baseline to all my other activities.  While I think about it, I should really just record a couple of hours and take it with me the next time I head out for some writing out of the house.

Got my words today, though, 395, and earlier than usual.  I had wanted to get to them earlier, but today was much more of a frittering day, mostly because I was trying to talk myself into going out to write elsewhere or just pick up toner.  I did not, however, go out today.  I had considered it, but swore not to leave the house again until tomorrow after walking the dog this morning.  No thank you.  I may get back to it for a bit, but for now the plan is to do my intensive self-guided Scrivener Workshop.  I’m going to clip through the tutorial book again and then hunt through the help files and the Scrivener’s forums.

Arg … did I mention I’m slightly allergic to cats?  After an hour of Greyson pressed up against my face, I’m vaguely itchy all over and my contacts are drying out.  Cute little furry bastard.

Oh, in exciting news, it looks like the trip Ad Astra is on!  Not only have I convinced Todd to attend, but there are a fair number of the members of the Sudbury Hypergraphic Society looking to go, too.  More news to come on that front as it materializes.


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