Three Day’s Running

So far, so good.

I’m on day three of the new routine.  Each day I’ve done more than my basic words.  I’m keeping track in my paper journal but I need to figure out a way to keep track in a spread sheet.  Yet another program I have to tinker with – Numbers, with iWork ’08 (got it for Christmas two weeks before they announce the ’09 version … *sigh*).

Tonight all my powers of procrastination bucked and whinnied and tried their best to make sure I didn’t write.  I didn’t want to work on the scene I’d left off in, but I need my 25o words and I didn’t want to waste them on a free-writing session.  So I sat there a while, distracting myself here and there, but decided to scene-skip and write a little from the funeral scene about a third of the novel away.  Got my words:  382.

I’ve also been posting on the new bullitin board for the SHS.  Looks like we’re set to do a run to Ad Astra in late March and there is work afoot to get a like-minded group down to World Con.  I’m feeling very up beat about everything today:  I’ve a plan for the week of write goals, I’ve hopes to attend two conventions this year, I’ve just finished The Creative Habit and my books from arrived.

Just a nice little rosey glow on everything right now and I’m going to enjoy it for a bit.


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