Chasing Now

Listening to some random electronica on XM Area, ’cause I need the beat to keep me moving. I called in sick today, and so far the only accomplishment for the day has been a walk with the dog and a jalapeno omelet for Todd’s lunch.

Tonight is the SHS meeting.  I don’t have to worry about showing up late but I don’t want to come to the table with nothing else to show for it.   I had, stupidly, said I wanted to get 10,000 words in before the next meeting.  3,00o words would be a very generous estimate of my output for the last month.  I claim Christmas as my excuse.

So today I’m taking stock of everything so I can devise better goals.

… and I’m watching the printer print out the chapter I just finished the other day and I realize that it’s not in the manuscript format that I thought it was … which means it doesn’t match the rest of the print out … but at least it’s more economically printed … arg and double damn now I want to print the whole thing over again …

That’s my only gripe about Scrivener: I can never anticipate just how it’s going to print out the document.  When I originally started printing out Spirit Cat, I had all my beginning chapters to start with and they printed out as one whole, properly numbered, and in manuscript format (12pt courier new, double spaced).  As I completed chapters and wanted to add them to the manuscript, I would only print the new material.  That’s how I ended up in a page-numbering nightmare, eventually giving up entirely on having the numbers make sense.  Today, just wanting a copy, I figured I’d forgo compiling the manuscript and selecting out Chapter Nine and just went ‘Print Current Document’.  Now I just want to print the rest of it, too, in the tighter, condensed format.

I still have a lot to learn about Scrivener, which pleases more than annoys me.

Anyways, I also figured out how to get my Visual Bookshelf information onto my blog.  If you saw a post earlier today of me showing it off, it’s gone now, deleted and moved over to my Pages list.  It’s also available at the top of the blog.  It lists the books I’m reading now, those I’ve read, and what I will be reading soon.   I’ll still link to books in the course of writing my posts, but now I have a nifty little widget to display the covers, too.  I only wish I could get the widget onto the main page.

So, today’s tasks:

  1. Nail down the current word count.  37,405 words.
  2. Print out Chapter Nine.  Done. (Though the carpet doesn’t match the drapes, so to speak.)
  3. Create my box for the current project.
  4. Nail down the outline for Spirit Cat in something portable.

Two done, two to go.

I did put together the box for my first-ever real go at a novel, The Book of Erin, or BoE.  It’s a lousy title (we’ve covered this) but generally I mentally refer to it as BoE.  I had the first idea notebook, a half-sized be-stickered pink hardcover notebook that has a few random ideas on the first couple of pages and then segues into my first ideas for the book.  The first ideas for it start on page seven, dated 96/06/15.  I knew it was supposed to be a novel but I didn’t know how to get there.   The book is four-fifths full, covering the initial ideas all the way until after the change the story undertook where I condensed the characters and started again. The last entry is dated 99/11/08.  After that, I moved over to the binder where I had my new notes, my clippings, and my research.  There’s even stuff I picked up years later that tugged at the old story, even though I haven’t touched it in, what, five, six years?  Longer?

(Wait, that’s not true … I had a brain flash about it sometime recently.  It’s in one of my more current notebooks.  I’ll need to dig that up and get it in there.)

It’s all in the box now, and when I put it together yesterday I just forgot about everything else – the appointment, work, all of it – and got into this weird head-space, where I was just in the now.  Todd called me after I had moved on to something else, and I could barely talk.   It was like I hadn’t come back yet.  I was still in that now, not in the one-minute-from-now place where you think about what’s coming.

I’m off to chase the now.  Wish me luck.

PS:   Another thing I just learned about Scrivener?  Each sub-document shows creation date and last modified.  I did 3,000 words just in the last scene all after the meeting last month, plus a little on the one before it.  Huzzah!  I wasn’t overly generous after all.


3 thoughts on “Chasing Now

  1. Hey, drop me a line at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and I’m sure I can help you get your manuscript exported as you wish. I’m about to embark on a plane journey from San Francisco back to the UK so it may be a couple of days before my brain is able to cope with replying, but if you write to me with the problems you are having I’ll get back to you as soon as my brain is functional, I promise.
    All the best,
    (Scrivener developer)

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