Random Geekery

I wrote 1,200+ words today.  Huzzah to me.  Not as much, perhaps, as I would have liked, but much more than normal.  Again, I began with hand-written words I squeezed out at work during our first, relatively quiet hour on the production floor and kept it rolling.  Even finished Chapter Nine.

And I changed the banner on the website.

And I read some more of Crystal Rain by Tobias S. Buckell.

And I purchased another shiny subscription to Locus Magazine – oh how I’ve missed you.

And I’m going to try my best to tune out Speed Racer, which Todd is watching thru’ X-Box Live. (Don’t click the link.  Seriously.  And don’t watch this film.  Unless you’re high as a kitty on nip, or whatever your equivalent is.  The only good thing about it is that it wants me to play Wipeout, the best racing game to grace any gaming console.)

Tuning out means more reading and fiddling with Scrivener.

The geekery continues!


2 thoughts on “Random Geekery

  1. scribofelidae


    I cheated and took the picture with my cell phone camera. If I’d been thinking ahead I would have used the camera and then I would have had more to choose from when cropping the image. My poor cup of tea didn’t make it in there, but it is my lifeblood.

    The moleskin, though, is a close second.

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