New Year, New Choices

Hopefully, the adjective that I will use to describe both will be ‘good’.

Heck, I’ll even take ‘better’.

The day started late and will end early.  After rolling in around 2:00 am this morning, and sleeping in late, I had only a few hours this afternoon before heading to my parents for another family gathering.  I did walk the dog during that down time, something Ginger was terribly excited about, but the rest was spent in a muddled haze of sinus headache and light snatches of reading.

I have a pot of tea on right now, genmaicha, and will settle in with it and with The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, the dancer and choreographer.  I sampled a chapter of it elseweb and decided it merited a purchase.  It’s been very interesting reading so far; so many of the non-fiction books meant to help my writing are written either by writers or expressly for writers, while this one takes a step back and looks at the act of creation itself without regard to the form it takes.  She asks very interesting, thoughful questions, ones that make me stop reading, slow down and really chew over.

I want 2009 to be a very different year for me.  I want it to be productive, to be experimental, to be brave.  I need to set out my goals, break them into manageable chunks, but for now and for the next few weeks, my daily goal is to make one good choice every day when it comes to writing.

Heck, I’m hoping that after a few tries, I’ll get into the habit of making the better choice.

To all you and yours, may the best of years lie ahead.   Here’s to 2009!


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