The Christmas Steam Roller

Nothing like the holidays to get totally behind in everything.    And it’s not even like we were over-committed; Christmas Eve and Christmas Day went by in the festive blur that they always do, but Boxing Day (Canuck Alert!) and the day after were home-body affairs while Todd nursed a terrible Christmas flu.  He’s on the road to recovery but my to-do list remains a moaning, piteous thing, getting longer every day.

But tomorrow is Monday and I will start again.  While they tell you not to start something new on a Monday they really mean not to put off starting something new until a Monday.  Since it is Sunday, starting on a Monday shouldn’t count against me.

Tomorrow, up early to be ready early, and then writing until it’s time to walk to work.  I’m not going to check email or my RSS feeder in the moring.  That way lies madness. And procrastination.  I came across that book title somewhere and it struck a chord with me.  I will sit at the computer with every intention to write, but then a ‘quick check’ of my favorite sites turns into a time-waster that eats all the time I had set aside for what I really wanted to do.

Of course, after doing a little reading, the thrust of that advice seems to be that all of these emails want something from you, so you have to react, and that puts a stress on you.  In my case, where I get very little email, checking that is the first step of a pattern that spirals out to Facebook, Reddit, and my RSS feeder.  I don’t react to them so much as absorb them.

Wait, that’s not true.  I get a massive amount of email from the Online Writing Workshop.  I can never keep up which is a shame because there are a ton of really interesting conversations that I am missing out on.  Okay, a minor form of stress that I let build up and become a major inconvenience.  Pretty much if I checked no other RSS feed I’d never be lacking in reading material.

So time to do some steam-rolling of my own – over my habits, over my backlog, over my worries.

I only have three days until I have to have something posted to OWW!  EEP!


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