Friday Fictional Housekeeping

(Wow, if I’m gonna hit 12-Babbles of Christmas Posts, I’m pretty far behind!  Need to either catch up or chop ’em up into smaller posts.  Some of them are real long.  Sorry about that.)


Normally when I say the word Friday I don’t actually mean the day Friday.  If I was saying ‘Friday’ I was quite likely saying it on a Sunday or Tuesday at the end of a shift.  ‘Friday’ in my personal lexicon means ‘end of my work week’, followed by two days of solitude in the house with only the pets for company.  Until recently, I would madly jabber about ‘Friday!’ on Facebook or Twitter, and then have to explain what the hell I was talking about.  Ah, what shift work will to do you.

But today ‘Friday’ is really Friday.  And tomorrow is really Saturday and following that a real Sunday, a bizarre concept to my mightily abused body clock.  During these last three weeks of training for the campaign switch, they’ve given everybody real, honest to goodness weekends off so I’ve blissfully spent the last two weekends with my S.O. and I’m looking forward to doing the same this weekend.  It’s like a planetary convergence.

Of course, with Christmas and all that jazz, I’ve gotten no writing done on my day’s off.  Bugger.

Tonight, though, I’m on my own.  Todd is boozing it up at the staff Christmas party and I am home alone.  I actually made some notes today for Spirit Cat while at work, figured out where the rest of the scene needs to go, created a few breadcrumb elements as well, and hashed out the relationship between the main character and her mother.  Right now, I’m playing with character dossiers – something I’ve been meaning to do for months and only now gotten to.  It’s been interesting see how the characters have changed already, attitudes that have shifted in the act of writing.  At the same time, I’m coming to new understandings of the traits that were there in the beginning.  For example, I knew that Lily was going to act a certain way but I didn’t really know why.  It’s not that I was having Lily conform to the needs of the plot – it was more like watching a person do something as an observable fact without knowing the choices and motivations behind it.  As I went exploring today, some of those motivations revealed themselves, illuminating logical connections that I didn’t realize existed.

So I’m doing some fiction-upkeep, fleshing out my characters in preparation for this weekend’s run.  I want to hit a pair of 1,000 word writing sessions this weekend, which will bring me to one third of the goal for the next Sudbury Hypergraphic Society meeting.


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