Talk of Tales over Tea

Tonight was the first meeting of the Sudbury Hypergraphic Society.  I nearly talked myself out of it, waiting to the last minute to pack my things.    But I screwed my courage to the sticking place and am I ever glad I did.

I was the second last to arrive and just missed my opportunity to order a cheese tray.  I ordered a pot of Kyoto cherry tea, grabbed a pen and my notebook and settled in.  There were eight of us, all told, four I recognized from the NaNoWriMo meetings, one that I knew through a friend of mine, and the last, an older gentleman, also a Guild member.  We talked about our hopes, our difficulties, resolved to meet bi-weekly, starting January 9th, and to set goals for ourselves.  There’s talk of setting up a message board or blog where we can communicate on a regular basis.

I left with three tea samples and feeling totally charged about my writing again!  We’re all there looking for something a little different – some like me who are still trying to find their discipline and complete their projects and others who are well-versed with networking and sealing deals – but I think that will be a good thing.  It will inspire us to look forward.  And it was great talking to real live people about how the write.  We talked about whether we counted our progress by pages, word count or time spent on the keyboard, about how our main characters sometimes feel less interesting than the secondary characters, about going to the big conventions.  (Some have even been to the World Con in Toronto, where they say Gaimen and Martin and Pratchett and Willis and ohmygod I am so jealous!  I haveto make it to World Con this year.  I must.)

We each committed to a personal goal for the next meeting.  Me?  10,000 words on Spirit Cat.  Doable. Very doable.

Calling it early tonight.  This weekend I’m setting aside two two-hour blocks for writing and I am getting back on the wagon.  More writing-process posts to come.

With word count updates.


One thought on “Talk of Tales over Tea

  1. Glad to hear that your passion has been rekindled. It’s really nice to have understanding people to bounce ideas off. Good luck with your writing this weekend and further.

    Hope you don’t mind but “You’ve been tagged!!”
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    You link back to the person that tagged you.

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