Looking Forward To After NaNoWriMo

One day left of November. Tomorrow’s my Mother’s birthday (and a lovely 29 she is, too), so after work I’ll be heading round to her place for giftage and greetings.  There will be no more words coming, either tonight or tomorrow. 

I will have failed NaNoWriMo for a second time.

I’m trying to stay up-beat about this.  I wrote three times the number of words this year than I did last year, and overall I’m around 33,000 words for the project. 

My failure this year was overconfidence.  So sure I was that I could sit down and crank out words, I let myself get behind very early.  And soon I had a word deficit that I couldn’t feel confident about beating.  Being short words meant no cushion for when I really couldn’t write, which just made the word debt even higher.  And when it hit the magic ain’t-gonna-make-it number, the writing stopped altogether.  (Or maybe it happened because my temporary NaNoWriMo tattoo from 2006 rubbed off half way during the month, sapping my juju.  Nah, probably not.)

It’s not realistic, right now, to think I could continue a NaNoWriMo pace after November even if I could have done it this year.  Working full time?  No.  If I came home to an empty house day after day, no guy, no pets, no family, maybe.  But I don’t.  500 words a day, though, is doable.  There will be days I will write more.  Absolutely.  But there are days when I will squeak that out or less.   

Once training starts, there will be no writing at work for three weeks.  And when I get on the production floor, I’ll have two weeks of a training period, where I won’t really be able to do anything by wait for calls and review my notes.  Any writing I do this month will have to be done at home.


5 thoughts on “Looking Forward To After NaNoWriMo

  1. Michael

    It’s not that you failed, not by a long shot. You just didn’t reach your goal.


    The 33,000 word mark isn’t failure, it is 33,000 words further into Spirit Cat. It’s a great progress. Look at it this way: Did you write more in November than you did in October? September? Were you a failure in writing for those months?

    What I am trying to say is that you need to look at the novel as half written, not half un-written. NaNuNaNu is just a push; a chance to re-focus on the novel.

    Y’see this is why you are the writer and I am the doufous who is lost withouth Grammar Check. 😉 I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

    *Much Hugs*


  2. scribofelidae

    Ack, I gotta clarify on the blog proper – 33K was the total on the current project, but only 18K of that were words written during NaNoWriMo. Everyone’s thinking I did better than I really did! :}

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