NaNoWriMo Day 14: +2,026 words

I wrote some 550 words at work today, many of them terrible but enough to go on to get out my words for tonight.  And this was after stopping to watch a horrible movie that had so much potential, Diary of the Dead.

Could have been awesome.  Should have been.  Instead every line was delivered like a lead balloon at a children’s birthday party and the characters did one horrendously stupid thing after another.  We burst out loud laughing a dozen times and only watched it to the end because we had to see how ridiculous it might get.

Once again, though, having my writing time broken up early by the arrival of take out and then the movie meant I had a harder time pushing through.  Several times I nearly switched off the computer before hitting my 2,000 words, but I got there, in about two hours of writing.

The next few days should be good for writing.  I have two medical tests, one for my knee and one for my thyroid on sunday and monday respectively, which frees up some writing time, especially Monday, and then next Saturday one of the girls at work is looking to pick up a shift, which will give me a day to not only write by spend time with Todd.

And I really, really want to do with this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday what I did yesterday: top 4,000 words each day.


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