NaNoWriMo Day 13 (a): +2,424 words

Breaking up today’s entry in two, to separate the writing I did today at home and the writing I’ll do tonight at the write-in at Chapters.

How did it go?  I’d consider it a good day if I hadn’t been trying to reach 10,000 words.  In fact, looking at where I am now on the word count has sorta depressed me.  With what I have right now, around 13,256, is where I should have been around the 8th day, but it is the 13th.

Still, 2,400 words is not bad.

My first time with Freedom went well, but the second one only managed half the morning’s output.  And after the second one, I didn’t turn Freedom back on.  Instead I’ve hunted and pecked here and there between web surfings.

Goal tonight at the write-in is at least another 2,000 words, and I feel like I have enough material for it.  I know where the current scene is going, and I know the scene after that.

But two things are bugging me.

First off, and this is my fault for “cheating”, my actual, total word count on Spirit Cat is a nice, plump 29,498 words.  I’ll be over the 30,000 mark tonight.  So as I type in my meager updates (currently for my NaNoWriMo words I have a total of 13,572 written on the clock), I know it’s only a piece of the whole story.  I didn’t think it would bother me, but it is.

The second thing is that I need to start making notes and doing more development in my story documents in Scrivener.  I need to set up my character pages, I need to start looking at my main showdown and how I need to lead up to it, that sort of thing.  But I feel like if I do that, then it becomes mild procrastination at best or at worse it becomes actual time theft that decreases the amount of free time I have for banging out the draft.  But it needs to get done.

(I am not a free-wheeling, literary-abandon, ninja-adding, padding-type of NaNo’er.  Gotta make sense, gotta move the story forward, don’t wanna to make more work for myself down the road just to get word count spammage now.)

I’m still kicking myself over yesterday’s utter waste of the day, too.  Too many excuses, not enough writing.  I could have made up a lot of ground yesterday and made the whole enterprise less overwhelming now.  I’m trying to remain confident that I can reach the 50,000 goal for NaNo, but I’m starting to feel the gnawing worry that I won’t make it.

That’s where and why I’m “failing” at NaNoWriMo – I have not yet set up and stuck to a schedule.  I’ve been too confident that I’ll be able to catch up because when I do sit down to write I produce a good chunk of words at a time.  While it’s true, it cannot be abused, and five days of no writing in November is abuse.  My punishment is daily word count or more, every day, no exceptions.  That’s the new goal.  NaNoWriMo’s goal of 50,000 words in the month is the second prize.

And really, it should have been that from the get-go.  NaNoWriMo is once a year, not every day.  And I’m trying to train myself to write every day.  I can’t let the former get in the way of the latter.


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