NaNoWriMo Day 11: +0 words (BUT…)

But … the night is young.

But … I am not young, and just as likely I won’t be writing anything tonight.

But … I did redeem myself today.  While I work I came up with the answer to a point of view problem I’ve had for months now.  Long ago I’d written a scenelet of dialogue between two characters, an important moment where two old rivals meet again after decades and end up verbally sparring.  The seen felt so charged.  I could hear them speaking.

But … my story (so far) is written exclusively from the 1st person viewpoint of my protagonist.  And she is not present for this scene – if she were, her presence would alter how the other two would react to each other.  I had no idea how to fix this.  I wasn’t about to switch over to one of their 1st person perspectives for just one scene because then I’d have to add more scenes from their perspective and I wasn’t about to drop a 3rd person scene in there as a one-off either for the same reason.  I toyed with making her familiar a sort of stream of consciousness viewpoint character (an idea I haven’t entirely abandoned), but decided against it.  That left me with one other option besides throwing out the scenelet altogether, but it would require me to pull the same trick twice, which I didn’t want to do.

While doing some pre-writing notes during some downtime between calls, the problem resurfaced, because I knew it would be coming up soon in the story.  And then all of a sudden, clickity-click, I had my answer.

I probably shouldn’t be wallowing in the joy that little moment brought me, but here I am.  I did reach 1,700 words last night in the two hours of writing I did while out at the coffee shop for the write-in and since the house is still very much a wreck and my office in shambles, I think heading out of the house is the best way to go.

The plan? Catch up.  I will be at the NaNoWriMo benchmark of 21,671 by the end of Thursday.  It’s only 10,000+ words.  5,000 per day, or bust!


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