NaNoWriMo Day Six: +2,024 words

Very productive day, even though I puttered.

I’ve decided that the 4,000/5,000 on days off with 1,000/500 words on work nights is not going to happen for me.  I am officially a day behind and I credit that to yesterday’s difficulties making the goal of 4,000 to 5,000 words terrifyingly impossible.

Today’s goal was just to get a regular NaNo’s day of words under my belt, and I did.  And then some.

When I am sitting down to write on a work night, 1,000 is very easy to make and 2,000 is not unreachable.  In fact, now that I feel I’m on a story roll (there’s a good chance there will be more words added to the above count before the night is through and I know where my next chapter is starting), I’m feeling pretty confident that this will truck right along at a good pace.  And now that I know that writing longhand at work spurs me to write even more at night, I’ll be pushing that as well.  In fact, I’m going to start hiding on my breaks and lunch hours.  No more chatty-chat until December.

The one big difference between my first NaNo and this, my technically third but really feels like my second NaNo, is that the fear of failing, of being unable to make my word count, simply isn’t there this time.  I know I’ll get the words.  Just a matter of when.  With that doubt gone, my fingers fly a little faster on the keys.

One less worry means a whole lot more wonder.

Edited to add: Why oh why do errors not reveal themselves until after I hit the “publish” button?  Damn blog-gremlins making my words look all polished and grammatical to me with their gremlin-dust only to reveal the truth to the rest of the world.

Seriously.  No more edits.  Arg!


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