My Magic Eight Days and Twenty-Two Nights

I’m not entirely thrilled with the way my Twitter updates are displaying on my blog, but I suppose as someone who only has a free account on the Word Press servers I can’t be too picky.  The Twitter updates will be mostly confined to word counts for the month of November. Regular updates, I hope, will be more frequent here.

NaNoWriMo is just a few days away.  I have secured the Saturday after Halloween off, enough time to nurse my hangover, take the dog for a long walk in the bush, and get some serious word count down before the Kick Off Party at the Doghouse, a local bar, near the arena that’s famous for its wings.

And I have a plan, of sorts.

I’m trying to be realistic about how much time I’ll have on work nights to write.  So, the plan is:

  • I have eight full days off this month, no appointments – 5,000 words.
  • On the work days, less time – 500 words.
  • If I can meet this, it will put me somewhere up around 51,000 words.

    Of course, if I change the numbers and do this:

  • Eight full days – 4,000 words.
  • Regular work days – 1,000 words.
  • And that would bring me to around 54,000 words.

    I think the first one is the more appealing choice. If I really, really push myself, I think 5,000 a day is doable. I’d have to keep focused. I think during my first NaNoWriMo I hit a maximum of 3,500 words on a single day. (I’ll have to double check.) But that’s not the part that gets me excited. It’s the 500 words a day on regular days. That is doable – very, very doable. In fact, I think I’ll end up writing more than 500 words on those Twenty-Two Nights, which takes the pressure off of the Magic Eight Days. We’ll see.


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