Word Count

All told, 1,110 words.  That was built on the 300 or so I wrote at work on Tuesday.  

I took it slow today, plunking the keys here and there, between the obsessive checking of political websites and social sites, and cooking dinner.    Not bad, but far short of NaNoWriMo levels of production.  

What gets me is that I know if I sit down and focus, I can do it.  It takes me hours, it seems, “to warm up” to the writing, but once I get there I don’t think about doing it, and I just do.  

Tomorrow will be a great test of the new cubicle.  The two co-workers that surround me will be back (their days off are Tuesday-Wednesday, while mine are Wednesday-Thursday.  Hopefully the one I moved away from won’t be mad I moved and the one I moved closer to won’t take it as an invitation to talk more.

I want my cave.  I need my cave.  

And if I am going to make it through NaNoWriMo, I’m going to need that time to write.  Having that hand-written work, even if it’s only a page, is a real head-start once I get at the computer.  But I may cheat even more and start using the wiki again to type stuff at work that I can then cut and paste into the draft.  

In the meantime – the Office, SNL Election update, and maybe HäagenDazs strawberry ice cream.


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