Holy Cats, How Did That Happen?

So I got around to printing out my the draft-to-date of Spirit Cats, something I’ve been meaning to do as I write chapter by chapters but hadn’t started yet.  Fired up Scrivener, compiled the manuscript written minus the snippet scenes that haven’t be integrated yet, and let ‘er loose.

And then 65 pages popped out of my printer.  

About three pages got out before I hit the pause button on my printer program. Was it really 65 pages already? I’m on Chapter Four for crissakes, only 14,000 words! Yes, I know, it’s a draft and it will be edited and the font is standard manuscript font, 12p Courier New. if I printed it out like normal it wouldn’t be so big. I figured, what the hell, eh?  I can always recycle it.  

But, wow. Big. Encouraging and intimidating in its half-inch glory.

Now I’m off to take some very good advice from the NaNoWriMo boards – I’m backing up my files.  I haven’t done that since I switched over to the Mac in July.  Eep!


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