Catching Up

Everything’s gone a little pear-shaped lately. Don’t know if you’re coming or going. We’ve had the wake, the visitation, and the funeral.  We came back home very tired last night, and a little tipsy after the dinner. Crashed early, did not sleep well, but today is here, bright and full of …

… wait a minute, it’s rather gloomy and cold out, with rain-slicked streets, there’s a sucky cat wedged between me and the computer still crying for his wet cat food, and dog that hasn’t been walked properly in three days.  

Right.  At least I managed to clean the house yesterday morning and do a load of laundry.  Sort of.

Today is catch-up day.  I have pages of journaling to do, a ridiculously large amount of newsreader feeds and podcasts and message-list emails to get through, a roast chicken dinner, a box of hair dye with my name on it (and likely the first one to be pushed off until a later date), and the list goes on.

In writing news … (insert ticker sound effects here) … I haven’t done any!  Not in Toronto, not since we’ve been back.  But I have done some writing-related things: I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo and made a few posts on the board, I’ve added a new stand-alone page (look right, you’ll see it there) about fiction writing programs as I seem to get a lot of hits from Liquid Story Binder, and today I’ll be testing out the printing capabilities of Scrivener by making a hard copy of everything I’ve written to date for Spirit Cat.  

And really, I should get to it.


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